Monday, April 30, 2007

After that, I went back to Europe. It became very difficult for me to return to a land I had already abandoned, at least within myself. So I eventually took the decision to say farewell to the lans I feel closest to (my ancient Sicily) and prepared to go back to Australia for a year. But that could not happen without going to my darling Keith & Kaori's amazing wedding in Edinburgh .
Cheers to the loving & supportive birds they are!

After 2 great months touring Tasmania together with Giuseppe, reading books and breathing again in the light of the South, I then landed to Melbourne where its beauty (e.g. the 12 Apostles), this time haunted me and thrusted a passionate end.

Then, back in the Netherlands, I found myself fearing another grey & dump northern winter. Suddenly, my yet-to-know great friend Giuseppe, enticed me with views and birds from Sandy Bay (Hobart) so I swiftly packed up my luggages and left for my new adventure down under.
Unbelievably, downtown Hobart, I happened to bump into Liz: a uni-mate from my Environmental Science course in Plymouth. Oh what a great time we had catching up!

After my contract at IMSA ended, I took a little break to Brazil, where I had the chance to meet my Soul Sista: Fernanda.
I miss her as usual, as Ferna has the tendency to be caught in the bliss of her enviable life of thoughts and writings.
Her beautiful sister was also the one who first drew me. I was very happy to find this drawing when Ferna & I returned from a 3-day excursion.

However, that was a time of thoughfulness as well.
Loneliness and disarray gave a push to always give a contribution to the socio-environmental cause, like the Dutch Social Forum, the day when this shot was taken. I was in my little place in De Pijp, the most multi-racial neighbourhood down in A'dam, by the Heineken Plain.

As the story goes, scrolling up,...A'dam meant an exciting time of work, dance ...and some very good birthdays. Dancing with Ricardo that night back in 2002 was pure beauty!
Some other times, a little trip outside A'dam, though a rarity, would happen.
So, once, I went to Antwerpen (see left), where the streets smell of delicious chocolate and where markets sell precious stones from far away lands.
Right there, I had the biggest chocolate bar ever!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Actually, it all started back in 2001, when I happened to share with my best girlfriend ever!
We met at an estate agency: she stepped in, we looked at each other and we were friends forever.
We ultimately happened to have a great flat sharing and beyond: balanced, trustworthy and fun life-long friendship!

I miss you Karin!

When Karin went back to Germany after her short exchange program, I continued with making lovely and inspiring friends like my irish composer.
There on the bridge (see photo on the canal). is where we once had a lovely coffee in real european style. I miss a bit of that good old be honest
Never mind, you cannot possibly have it all...

I then had one of my best dancing birthday celebrations with gorgeous Rico & the fine jazz music Amsterdam has to offer. Check brazilian Rico & I ;-D

Too long a time has elapsed without any post, unfortunately.

The bless of having found Kerem again, incidentally on-line, is a very good excuse to start writing again.

Here comes a short update: my best shots of the last few years!

For Kerem

with luv

It all started back in the UK.
After a fascinating and academically stimulating exchange program in Ontario (CA), I followed a MSc course in northern england.
That land got simply too much for a southern chick like myself so I fled to another sunny land: The Netherlands.

There, between an inspiring tune, a few dance classes and work....I made heaps of beautiful friends....

like Margherita, may she be alright with the vikings (how much we laughed about this denomination!)....and my dearest Karien & Ricardo.