Friday, June 08, 2007

Back to Oz, in the ebb-and-flow of life, all I really love is the peace and quite of a good reading while wishing I could spend time, as I used to, with my niece Carola...
I love you dear and I wish you wisdom and health!

Back to the western part of Sicily.
Here are Erice's Duomo from the XII-XVI century, 2 real old school fishermen...and my beloved doric temple of Segesta....very inspiring!

Siracusa is a wonder of the past: the Ear of Dionisus (the old quarry where the stone was extracted from), and Frederik II's Fortress, later to become a spanish army base among my favourite ones.

Now, some self-explanatory shots from Sicily!
St. Lucia's Duomo in Siracusa: the sacred catholic and the profane greek merge into one!